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Cataract is used to describe the clouding of the natural lens of the eye. The vision dims because the cataract prevents light from passing beyond the lens and focusing on the retina. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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LASIK is a type of refractive surgery and involves controlled and precise targetting of the corneal tissue with a special laser. Corneal tissue is removed, resulting in a reshaping which enables improved vision. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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The cornea, the transparent front "window of the eye", is responsible for about two thirds of the focusing power of the eye. The cornea's refractive power is actually greater than that of the eye's lens. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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Surgical Conditions Of The Retina include: Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal tear and Retinal Detachment. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases which damage the optic nerve, the nerve that connects the eye to the brain. If left untreated glaucoma can result in blindness. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to bulge into a cone-like shape. This cone shape deflects light as it enters the eye on its way to the light-sensitive retina, causing distorted vision. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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Oculoplastic surgery is plastic surgery isolated to the areas around the eyes: the eyelids, orbit (bones behind the eye) and lacrimal (tear drain) system. Fill the below form to get a Quick Quote for your Treatment.
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At Infinite Vision Care, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced technology in eye care. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge equipment that ensures accurate diagnoses and precise treatment plans. From LASIK surgery to cataract treatment, we are dedicated to delivering superior eye care solutions.

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Best in class Healthcare with a highly Experienced team

Our team of highly skilled eye care professionals has years of experience in providing exceptional treatment to patients from all around the world. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust that you are in the best possible hands. They will guide you through every step of your journey, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Affordable Eye Treatments with Zero Compromise on Quality

We understand that quality eye care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer affordable prices without compromising on the quality of our treatments. We strive to provide you with the best value for your money, making sure you receive top-notch eye care at an affordable price.

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BUNTY srinivasanBUNTY srinivasan
14:29 28 Mar 24
My wife had cataract in both eyes and surgery went smoothly .Very good,and it very fast done without any difficulty,it was a good experience.hospital is really beautiful and dr available is very affordable and excellent.
Vailenka CoutinhoVailenka Coutinho
14:04 26 Mar 24
My mom was diagnosed with cataract eyes...She was operated by Dr Shaila and now she is so happy because her vision is so clear now ...DR SHAILA has done a great job...their staff is so polite and caring... thank you Dr Shaila n team
Khairunnisa ShaikhKhairunnisa Shaikh
09:57 23 Mar 24
I am really so happy with Dr shaila Patel, I had operated my eyes with her and now my husband also got operated for cataract. Many people gave different suggestion to go elsewhere but we had full faith in her and we came to her for cataract surgery again. I am glad that I took this decision. My husband and myself can see everything. My family is really indebted to her and she helped us financially too.highly recommend Dr shaila and we can personally vouch for her.
Dhriti Sundar ChandaDhriti Sundar Chanda
14:03 21 Mar 24
I came here for my mother's eye treatment through a reference. She was diagnosed with cataract. Her vision was almost lost, but doctor explained us bout the cataract procedure and then we went for surgery. Now after surgery, she is able to see the second line from last on the vision chart. The doctor is really good by her nature. She really treats her patients with utmost love. Even her staff is good. I will recommend this place for everyone. The best part about this hospital is the balcony. That's my favorite place here. They have kept it so beautifully.
Prasad JaiswalPrasad Jaiswal
07:53 16 Mar 24
My mom had some corneal haze along with recurring episodes of pain in the right for almost a year. I came to visit Doctor Shaila mam where we got to know that she had a in issue in her right cornea and her vision was so low that she could only identify hand movements. So basically, if any doctor had to suggest, he would say cornea transplant… but Dr Shaila mam recommended a procedure called PTK. Whe went for it and now, she can read the last line on vision board without any aid of glasses. It is just a miracle for us.The clinic staff always helped incase of any emergency visit.Special thanks to dr.shaila mam for being an angel for my mom’s vision
Fatima KhanFatima Khan
07:37 07 Mar 24
I was searching for a good doctor for my eyes... So I got to know about her through a reference. I came here and got to know that I have cataract in my eye which was already very mature. So I immediately underwent surgery. Doctor explained everything so nicely and with patience. She is really a gem. My surgery went well and I am so happy that on the second day itself I can see everything clearly without any GLASSES!Thank you doctor. Surgery can be done everywhere but skills are important and how to implement it in a fantastic manner is important. I found this in dr Shaila. She is skillful and intellectual.Apart from that, her clinic doesn't feels like a hospital.It exudes a very homely vibe which cures a patient halfway in the waiting area itself. I am really happy I took a decision to come here.I'll take a minute to tell about her staff too.Her staff is brilliant at service.They provide you with answers and solves queries promptly.This is coming from me, a social worker working for old people and those in need. I will send people to her whenever someone is in need.
Jaya RathodJaya Rathod
13:51 15 Feb 24
I was diagnosed with cataract two years ago , buy I was scared to undergo a surgery even though I have been a senior nurse... So I went to a doctor but then I didn't even stepped into the hospital and came out because of fear. Cut to now, I I came here to Dr. Shaila and trust me a scared person like me came here, talked to the doctor and decided on the spot for surgery. I didn't take any second opinion not with any family member also! I really don't know... I felt a connection and it just clicked... I feel like home here.So my surgery went well and I am so happy and not scared at all!My vision is back and I am so happy that I found a family.
Afroz FarooquiAfroz Farooqui
07:02 15 Feb 24
My wife is operated for cataract surgery and it was so smooth peaceful painless that my wife really loved it. Post surgery she has completely recovered well and dr Shaila is so skilfull that during operation she didn't even feel she was being operated. We will definitely give heads up to dr Shaila and her staff.beautiful hospital too.
Mohammed Javed ShaikhMohammed Javed Shaikh
14:56 13 Feb 24
I came here to get my cataract surgery done. The surgery went very nicely. I didn't even know when surgery got over it was like a song was playing and my surgery was finished. Now after surgery, I can see clearly. The doctor is an amazing girl. I consider her my daughter.Stay blessed beta.
Sayed MahiraSayed Mahira
14:08 08 Jan 24
Dr shaila is nothing less than angel for poor patients, she has really helped us in so many ways , my mother had no vision we have a blood cancer brother at home and without any rescue we had no money.dr shaila has gone out of the way to help us now after cataract surgery my mom can see a new world. In our every prayer we will include Dr shaila inshallah.thanks
Dr. Pranali PatilDr. Pranali Patil
13:32 08 Jan 24
Dr. Shaila Patel treated my Dad he had no vision in left eye ... mature Cataract treated successful... great service staff is very goodThank you Dr. Shaila Patel
Reena SinghReena Singh
07:28 05 Jan 24
I was really disturbed with severe headache and went to several doctors but dr shaila gave me spot on diagnosis of glaucoma and treated with laser following which headache just disappeared and i could smile again. Thanks dr shaila
javed shaikhjaved shaikh
15:19 04 Jan 24
Dr Sheila is very sweet and understanding with soft nature. She is very helpful for poor patients. May God bless her.
Naseem KhanNaseem Khan
14:44 04 Jan 24
I came across Infinite Vision Care Eye Hospital while googling and the reviews were amazing. I came here with my Mom for regular check up and the staff was super friendly and Doctor is very jolly and helped us with proper guidance. My Mom underwent Cataract Surgery within a week and it’s an amazing experience with the entire team. Highly recommended for any vision issues.
vivek kamblevivek kamble
07:45 04 Jan 24
Dr. Shaila Patel is very humblr and sweet doctor. My cataract surgery went very smoothly. I am really happy with the results after surgery. I feel like family here. Everyone is nice and good. Thank you for amazing treatment doctor.
Vinay KambleVinay Kamble
07:19 28 Dec 23
Dr. Shaila Patel made my Father feel very comfortable during the cataract surgery Earlier my father could only see hand movement, after the surgery he started seeing clearly. Dr. Shaila Patel was very helpful with all the information required. It was a smooth process from checkup to surgery until recovery. Very happy with everything overall.Thank youDr Shaila Patel.
Nayna OzaNayna Oza
13:48 01 Dec 23
I came to Doctor Shaila for my cataract operation. The ambience here itself is so good that u will not feel like it's a hospital. Again, the staff is so hospitable. And what to say about the doctor! She is so sweet and lovely by nature. I love her and my surgery went smoothly. I can see clearly without any glasses.Thank you doctor.
Balwant S ChoudharyBalwant S Choudhary
06:19 20 Nov 23
I came here to get my cataract operated by Dr. Shaila. I myself am a doctor's mother, so I knew few things... when I came here, Dr. Shaila explained me in detail about how the procedure will take place what all is to done and how the surgery will take place. After getting the surgery done, I am able to see everything clearly and I am really happy with the results. The doctor is so sweet and her staff is humble as well. I love the atmosphere here. I would recommend everyone here for any eye related problems. Thank you doctor!
Divyasingh SinghDivyasingh Singh
13:49 30 Oct 23
Dr. Shaila Patel is an experienced opthal surgeon and very professional in her work. She is best at her work and we are fully satisfied by the brown cataract removal surgery she performed on my mother. Her staff specially Abha ma'am is also very understanding and deals with patients with care and empathy. Truly satisfactory!! Go, get a new vision.
Suraj YadavSuraj Yadav
06:31 23 Oct 23
Before operation the vision is not clear and after the operation the vision is extremely well means it's almost the normal vision the overall management is excellent and the doctor is excellent and very much experience the overall all work is excellent I have been satisfied with the work thankyou so much Infinite vision care thankyou so much doctor ma'am 👍🏽💯
Viju NairViju Nair
13:56 21 Oct 23
I really love Dr Shaila she is like a daughter, my both eyes cataract surgery went very well and I will definitely say that staff is good, especially abha, I will definitely recommend Dr Shaila for every eye problems
13:12 20 Oct 23
My mother had severe corneal issue because of bells palsy in right eye, we went to several hospitals with no results, then I met Dr shaila and she treated her so well with surgery in 2021 that till date she is seeing everything clearly, from blindness to happiness was her journey all thanks to dr shaila and her team. She is very considerate and charming. I went to her via reviews and can vouch that every word is true in positive sense. Writing this review after complete satisfaction of two years.
12:59 20 Oct 23
Dr shaila is really good at her work and we are her patients since a year. She is really good with kids and their temparament.
Altaf ShaikhAltaf Shaikh
13:38 19 Oct 23
I selected dr shaila mam for my cataract surgery after seeing other doctors and i really loved the way dr shaila explained very well and my surgery was done very well and staff is also like my daughter. I feel like i know them for years . Thank u mam.
gaurav kharvigaurav kharvi
13:29 18 Oct 23
Dr. Shaila Patel made my mother feel very comfortable during the cataract surgery. She was very helpful with all the information required. It was a smooth process from checkup to surgery until recovery. Very happy with everything overall.
Saqib S AnsariSaqib S Ansari
19:02 16 Oct 23
Dr. Shaila Patel is a remarkable cataract surgeon. She had perform cataract surgery on both of my mother's eyes. She is not just a highly skilled surgeon, but also a compassionate and caring healthcare professional. From the moment we walked into the clinic, the entire team made us feel welcomed and at ease. Alhumdulillah My mother's vision has greatly improved. But what truly sets Dr. Shaila Patel apart is the genuine empathy and kindness shown towards my mother. It's not just about restoring her vision; it's about enhancing her quality of life. She made my mother feel like more than just a patient; she felt like a valued individual.Highly recommended!
Ranjana SainRanjana Sain
15:52 29 Sep 23
I visited Dr. Shaila for my cataract and headache related issues . Firstly I was completely briefed about my problem and the best solution was surgery. Within 3 days the surgical procedure was planned and the surgery went very smoothly . I got the best results after it and hence I am very happy with all the things . Dr. Shaila is a pure soul and provides the best treatment for her patients . Her clinic is well equipped with modern machines for the proper diagnosis and also the staff are very polite to the patients . I recommend everyone to visit Infinite vision care clinic for eye related problems .
Himanshu SainHimanshu Sain
15:14 29 Sep 23
Infinite Vision Care Eye Hospital is one of the Finest Eye Hospital in Mumbai , I visited there for my eye check up the Dr Is very polite she explains each and every thing in a easy manner and a very good human being the staff working there are so helpful, i suggest everyone if you have any problem pls visit IVC Mira Road
Shilpa ShettyShilpa Shetty
07:08 28 Sep 23
My mother is operated for cataract by Dr shaila and her cataract was at last stage, but surgery was done very well within short notice and Dr Shaila mam is really good by nature and very precise with her treatment. She was the one to diagnose the reason for headache of my mom we did neuro cardio etc many tests but she diagnosed it was bcz of eyes.Highly recommended Dr .
Lauren RosetteeLauren Rosettee
06:54 28 Sep 23
Dr shaila is very patient a,caring, loving, attentive,very dedicated towards work and very accurate with her work . She is very efficient and with all these virtues she has done my laser cataract surgery. We feel so homely with her and I will 100percent recommend others to go to Dr shaila for any eye problem.
Amita PhatakAmita Phatak
06:40 28 Sep 23
Both my cataract operations were done by Dr Shaila Patel .she is best and very co operative .Even the staff is helpful and caring.
Sunita BhattSunita Bhatt
14:02 26 Sep 23
I came here to get my eyes operated on for cataract and I tell this from my experience that Dr. Shaila is not just a highly qualified surgeon but she is a very good human being also. She explains everything in detail about the surgery, about the lenses that are good for your eyes, what you should select and what not to select and everything from the beginning to the end. I came here to meet a doctor but found a daughter. She is so so amazing. Thanks Shaila Mam
08:47 25 Sep 23
My friend had rod injury in left eye with no vision and we rushed to Dr Shaila ,she treated him so well that he has regained vision in 5days time. She also considered our financial status and helped us. She is kind and intelligent.thanks mam
kajal shukalkajal shukal
13:55 05 Aug 23
Rajendrakumar MargajRajendrakumar Margaj
08:28 27 Apr 23
Thank you so much to Dr.Shaila Patel. I came to know about her after going through Google Review. She operated my mother aged 76 year for both eye cataract and it was very successfully and smoothly done. Doctor is very cordial, humble and so her all staff also. Highly recommend for this doctor. Thank you.
Judith LoboJudith Lobo
07:08 27 Mar 23
Surgery can be so smooth and homely is what we realized after meeting Dr shaila Patel.My husband's both eye laser cataract surgery has been done at IVC infinite vision care hospital and we are very happy with the results, he is glass free nowAmbience, cleanliness, staff all are good.highly recommend this place.
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